Monday, August 19, 2013

Shooting wide with the Xpan

Couple of weeks ago I finally took the plunge and snagged a Hasselblad Xpan with 45mm f4 lens.

What's so special with this 35mm camera is that it is a panomaric camera, with a flick of a switch it opens up from a regular 24mmx35mm to a wide 24mmx65mm.

Been playing with it for a couple of weeks now and this camera has definitely earned a spot in my travel bag.






Friday, August 9, 2013

VSCO Film 04 vs slide film

Early this week VSCO released Film 04 which offers a wide variety of slide film presets for LR, ACR and Aperture.
I love VSCO because it emulates the film look without the extra cost and time for developing and scanning, I use Film 01 and Film 02 for C-41 and B&W film look, skipped Film 03 as I never got into Polaroid film but Film 04 is an answer for all the E-6 shooter's prayers.
We recently traveled down to Montana and drive the historic Going-to-the-Sun Road and I brought the X100s with 28mm conversion lens and my Pentax 6x7 with 55mm f/4 lens (28mm on 35mm film) and loaded it with Provia 100f.

Here's 2 comparison shots taken between the Film 04 and actual slide film.

Pentax 6x7 + 55mm f/4 + Fuji Provia 100f

Fuji X100s + WCL-X100 lens, Film 04 - Fuji Provia 100f preset

Pentax 6x7 + 55mm f/4 + Fuji Provia 100f

Fuji X100s + WCL-X100 lens, Film 04 - Fuji Provia 100f preset

Bonus sample shot as I realized that I also took these shots with X100s at 35mm and Pentax 6x7 w/ 55 f/4 and Fuji Velvia 50
Fuji X100s w/ Fuji Velvia 50 preset

Fuji Velvia 50