Monday, March 26, 2012

Downtown Calgary Street shots

Back in March 9, I went on a street walk with a friend for lunch, I started shooting with my Yashica 35 GSN first to finish the film then afterwards I moved to my Canon 5D + Sigma 50mm 1.4
I still haven't developed the film but I think it will turn out bad as I forgot to put battery on the Yashica =P but that night I quickly went through the DSLR shots and picked my 'best' 3 and uploaded them on flickr.
It's now March 26, I decided to go back on my shots as I knew there were a couple more shots that I wanted to edit and upload and this time I found a couple more shots that I really like. Of the first 3 I picked, only 1 still stand as a great shot for me.

Now I truly understand and feel what Eric Kim was saying on this article

Wait before sharing your images with others

A problem with the internet and modern digital photography is that it is so easy to take hundreds of photos and upload them all instantly to the internet. Nowadays the act of editing (picking your best shots) is more important than ever.

Street photographer Garry Winogrand once said, “Photographers mistake the emotion they feel while taking the photo as a judgment that the photograph is good”. Therefore Winogrand would purposely only develop his images a year after he shot them so he would be able to judge his images based on form & content rather than pure feeling.

Although it is great to go out and shoot an image that you have a great feeling about—let it sit for a few days and review it before uploading it. This will help you become far more selective with your shots, and show only your best street photography.

Source: Steve Huff

Here are the pictures:
IMG_2520-5D.jpg IMG_2510-5D-Edit.jpg
IMG_2493-5D-Edit.jpg IMG_2487-5D-Edit.jpg
IMG_2458-5D-Edit.jpg IMG_2444-5D-Edit.jpg
IMG_2438-5D.jpg IMG_2434-5D.jpg

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jen M

Jen wanted to be shot in the stairs again, suggested to sit on top of the rails which worked really great for both of us.
Really like the results, very retro style

IMG_2095-5D.jpg IMG_2170-5D.jpg
IMG_2181-5D.jpg IMG_2179-5D.jpg
IMG_2171-5D.jpg IMG_2176-5D.jpg
IMG_2146-5D.jpg IMG_2093-5D-Edit-Edit.jpg

Venus L

Venus, one of the other models from Eau Claire.
Really awesome model to work with, friendly and chatty.
Shot her on the elevator which was harder than I though, one light is not enough so for future reference, bring 2 flashes for this.
Still very happy with the results.
The Christmas lights shot, big thanks to Len C for letting us use his lighting equipments.

IMG_1944-5D.jpg IMG_1954-5D.jpg
IMG_1981-5D.jpg IMG_2016-5D.jpg
IMG_1991-5D.jpg IMG_2022-5D.jpg
IMG_2050-5D.jpg IMG_2055-5D.jpg


Janel was one of the models that we had during our Eau Claire photo shoot session.
Loved her orange dress, made her stand out of the monotonous stairs.
One thing I learned here is to learn to post process the models better, cleaning their skin and dodge/burn the highlights.
IMG_1866-5D.jpg IMG_1893-5D.jpg
IMG_1916-5D.jpg IMG_1911-5D.jpg
IMG_2254-5D-2.jpg IMG_1870-5D-Edit-Edit.jpg

Random Calgary shots

During my work break, I like to go out for a walk and be inspired to shoot anything interesting out on the streets, sometimes I don't shoot any thing, other times I take a couple of shots. Every day is different and that's what I like about street photography.

IMG_1762-5D.jpg 8th ave and 8th st SW Nexen Park
IMG_1730-5D.jpg IMG_1467-5D.jpg
IMG_1846-5D.jpg IMG_2352-5D.jpg

Nosehill Park sunrise and Calgary downtown

Went to see the sunrise from Nosehill park, afterwards Bryan and I decided to go for a quick photo walk in downtown Calgary.

IMG_1639-5D.jpg IMG_1540-5D-Edit.jpg
[Group 1]-IMG_1561-5D_IMG_1573-5D-5 images-Edit-Edit.jpg
[Group 2]-IMG_1587-5D_IMG_1608-5D-8 images-Edit-Edit.jpg
IMG_1691-5D.jpg IMG_1710-5D.jpg
IMG_1664-5D.jpg IMG_1711-5D.jpg
IMG_1656-5D.jpg IMG_1703-5D.jpg