Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Street and Landscape

Some Alberta farm landscape shots from yesterday, weather was perfect for B&W with fog and frost on the tree branches.
Colored shots are currently being developed by Vistek and should be up by Thursday.
img081-1 img079-1 img084-1 img080-1 img078-Edit img072-1

Bokeh test: 645N vs 5D

Went to Chinatown yesterday afternoon and ended up shooting one of the Lion statues with the Pentax 645N,I remember shooting the exact same statue about a year ago with my 5D and 135L.
It's not a very accurate test but gives you an idea of the difference in background blur between the 2.
135L was at f2 and 150 was at f2.8
Chinatown statue img076-1

Pentax 645N

A friend and I decided to swap gear for a little while, I lent him my Leica M6 and I got try his Pentax 645N.
Conclusion: he's buying a new Leica M and a 50mm f0.95 Noctilux and I'm now craving for a Pentax 645N and 150mm f2.8 lens.
What a fantastic camera to shoot with, although a little bulky for street, performance and quality you get makes up for it.
Here's some of my favourites:
img054-1 img050-1
img046-1 img048-1
img059-1 img044-1

Friday, October 26, 2012

Street photography with Chris Cheng

Buddy Chris wanted to experience street/fashion photography in downtown Calgary, so we decided to meetup in a quiet afternoon and go for a walk.
I brought my 5DII + 135L and Chris brought his 5DIII + 85L
IMG_0661-5Dii IMG_0667-5Dii
IMG_0710-5Dii IMG_0670-5Dii
IMG_0703-5Dii IMG_0656-5Dii


Early this week nature had the pleasure of reminding us again that it is not summer anymore and that snow is on its way, so we ended up with about 20-30cm of snow over-night.
I was hoping to do some street shots in downtown but got tied up with a lot of work, so instead, as soon I got home and finished shoveling, I decided to pull out my Pentax 6x7 and capture some of the snow around the house.
Pentax 6x7 + SMC 105 2.4 + Ilford HP5+ 400
img028-1 img031-1
img032-1 img037

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty Hipster new dress

Had the pleasure on shooting Rhe Fuentest with Mark Abernir for the new dress that he created.
I was originally planning on shooting in street but since it was starting to get busy with rush hour, we decided to go to the park instead but it worked out really good in the end.
IMG_0264-5Dii-Edit IMG_0411-5Dii IMG_0545-5Dii-Edit IMG_0584-5Dii-Edit IMG_0514-5Dii-Edit
IMG_0373-5Dii-Edit IMG_0303-5Dii
IMG_0237-5Dii IMG_0574-5Dii-Edit
and Mark, Pretty Hipster, the designer. IMG_0279-5Dii

On the street with the EOS-3

I like to shoot with different cameras to prove that you can take great captures with any gear.
Last thursday I decided to go out for a walk with my EOS-3 and 135L since I needed to finish the Kodak Ektar 100 roll anyway. Brought a Fuji 400 NPH as well as I wanted to see what it would look like.
Conclusion.. Ektar is fantastic for color, nature, landscape.
The Fuji 400 NPH is a little more desaturated and works best in-studio portrait.

img897-Edit img891-Edit
img904-Edit img920-Edit
img908-Edit-2 img914-Edit

On the street with the M6

Met with Kelly again for a quick street shot in downtown Calgary and I had my M6 with me since I was planning to shoot anyway to finish the Kodak 400 Gold roll.

img863-Edit img848-Edit

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Street photography with a Medium Format?

A photographer friend of mine gave me a call yesterday since he was in downtown shooting and asked me if I wanted to tag along. The only camera I brought with me was my Pentax 6x7 as I had a 120 roll inside that I needed to finish but for fun I decided to tag along and shoot some streets. The Portra 160VC is still in Vistek but last night I immediately started developing the 400TMAX and scan it. BTW at 20C - D-76 at 1:4, 18 min - Ilford RapidFixer at 1:4, 6 min because it was 2nd use The IQ on a MF film is beyond comparison, great bright viewfinder, incredible bokeh img813-Edit img812 img814-Edit img815 img817-Edit