Thursday, April 5, 2012

Show homes

We decided to check out some of the show homes in Evansridge, Sage Hill and Skyview to see where should we buy a house and which builder to go with.
Decided to bring my camera so that I wouldn't get bored, actually had a blast!
Should do it more often :p

2B9C3604.jpg 2B9C3614.jpg
2B9C3648.jpg 2B9C3651.jpg
IMG_3283-5D-2.jpg IMG_3319-5D-2.jpg
IMG_3325-5D-2.jpg 2B9C3628.jpg
2B9C3695.jpg IMG_3271-5D-2.jpg IMG_3291-5D-2.jpg
IMG_3285-5D-2.jpg IMG_3317-5D-2.jpg IMG_3337-5D-2.jpg

Goodbye NEX-7!

Some final shots with the Sony NEX-7 before selling it, only after 3 weeks of purchasing it too.
It's a fantastic compact camera with APS-C sensor. I just couldn't get into the body, too small for my hands and despite being well built, I was afraid of maybe breaking it.
The viewfinder although good, wasn't as clear as I was hoping it to be and I can't stand shooting withouth a viewfinder.
I'll miss peaking mode street shooting with this camera.. maybe I'll just buy a NEX-5 for those times I want to hip-shooting/zone focusing.
I decided to keep the Voigtlander Classic Nokton 40mm 1.4 and install it on a Leica M6

DSC00669-NEX7.jpg DSC00679-NEX7.jpg DSC00671-NEX7.jpg

Ashley W

Ashley was our boudoir model and this was my first time trying it.
Big thanks to Ashley Wood for being a fantastic model!

2B9C3276.jpg 2B9C3283-Edit.jpg 2B9C0193-Edit-2.jpg

Jesse C

Finally got a chance to shoot some male models!
Went to meet Jesse Collin in downtown as he needed some updated headshots done.

2B9C3524.jpg 2B9C3588.jpg
2B9C3472-Edit.jpg 2B9C3552.jpg 2B9C3499.jpg
2B9C3484.jpg 2B9C3448.jpg 2B9C3353.jpg

Venus & Shelley

Some shots of Venus and Shelley together.
It was getting late, everyone was tired except these 2, like energizer bunnies.
They brought so much clothes which cluttered part of the room, so we decided to let them 2 stay there for the night.

2B9C0098.jpg 2B9C0102.jpg
2B9C9932.jpg 2B9C9938.jpg

Venus L

Shots with model Venus Le

2B9C0054.jpg 2B9C0048.jpg

Shelley L

Shots with Shelley Leung, fun girl to shoot with, kept me and Greg on our toes at the balcony.
Big thanks to Tim Lee for letting me try his Canon 50mm f1.2L, that lens is so sick... one day maybe I'll get one

2B9C9823.jpg 2B9C0023.jpg 2B9C0029.jpg

Tina L

She was the model assigned to us for the first round of shots, so I was able to take quite a few pictures with her. Great model, has the look for fashion.

2B9C9523.jpg 2B9C9426.jpg
2B9C9601.jpg 2B9C9501.jpg
2B9C9478.jpg 2B9C9629.jpg 2B9C9557.jpg
2B9C9590.jpg 2B9C9566.jpg