Thursday, April 5, 2012

Show homes

We decided to check out some of the show homes in Evansridge, Sage Hill and Skyview to see where should we buy a house and which builder to go with.
Decided to bring my camera so that I wouldn't get bored, actually had a blast!
Should do it more often :p

2B9C3604.jpg 2B9C3614.jpg
2B9C3648.jpg 2B9C3651.jpg
IMG_3283-5D-2.jpg IMG_3319-5D-2.jpg
IMG_3325-5D-2.jpg 2B9C3628.jpg
2B9C3695.jpg IMG_3271-5D-2.jpg IMG_3291-5D-2.jpg
IMG_3285-5D-2.jpg IMG_3317-5D-2.jpg IMG_3337-5D-2.jpg

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