Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty Hipster new dress

Had the pleasure on shooting Rhe Fuentest with Mark Abernir for the new dress that he created.
I was originally planning on shooting in street but since it was starting to get busy with rush hour, we decided to go to the park instead but it worked out really good in the end.
IMG_0264-5Dii-Edit IMG_0411-5Dii IMG_0545-5Dii-Edit IMG_0584-5Dii-Edit IMG_0514-5Dii-Edit
IMG_0373-5Dii-Edit IMG_0303-5Dii
IMG_0237-5Dii IMG_0574-5Dii-Edit
and Mark, Pretty Hipster, the designer. IMG_0279-5Dii

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