Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Epson Scan vs Vue Scan vs Better Scanning on V600

The mailman finally delivered me the package that I ordered from BetterScanning last week.
Inside was a MF holder, MF ANR glass and 2 35mm ANR glasses for the V600.
Quickly loaded a 6x7 frame and ran some quick tests. (3200dpi, 24-bit, unsharp mask checked)

Here's the frame that I scanned with the Epson Scan software and the BetterScanning glass and holder
Epson Scan w/ BetterScanning glass

and here's the same frame scanned with the holder that the V600 originally came with
Epson Scan

Zoom in and you can see closer the detail that the V600 is able to capture from a MF film.
Left: Epson holder
Right: BetterScanning holder
BetterScanning test
Better Scanning test 2

I don't see much difference between the two, the BetterScanning holder and glass may have 5% boost in IQ but it's barely noticeable, however we need to keep in mind that the BetterScanning holder has adjustable height, right now it's at stock 0mm.
Tomorrow I will try to increase it to 0.2mm.

Another quick test I decided to do is a Epson Scan software vs VueScan but for some reason the scans from the VueScan are not in focus or sharp. Then again never liked using the VueScan with it's antique and complicated interface.

VueScan scan with BetterScanning glass and holder
VueScan w/ BetterScanning glass
and close comparison between VueScan(right) and Epson(left)
Epson Scan vs VueScan


  1. Hello, I own a V600 too, and I am interested in betterscanning holders but still can't decide if it's worth it or not.
    Did u notice any improvement adjusting the height of the holder? How much did u have to adjust it?
    Thank you!

  2. hi gabriele,
    to be honest I didn't notice any difference with the betterscanning holder, likewise with the ANR glass. I didn't notice any IQ improvement although you know how occasionally you get this thin light line on your scan? I've noticed that I don't get any when using the ANR glass.